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  • 제 4회 초등학생 대회: 2018년 2월 24일(토), 25일(일)
구분 Round 주제유형 주제범위
(General / EFL)
예선 1Round 즉흥토론 Round 1: Family
THW mandate parenting license
예선 2Round 즉흥토론 Round 2: Arts and Culture
THBT K-Pop idols have done more harm than good
예선 3Round 즉흥토론 Round 3: Education
THW implement after-school self-study(자습시간) in primary education
(General / EFL)
본선 1Round 즉흥토론 Round 1: Public Policy
THW make public transportation free
본선 2Round 즉흥토론 Round 2: Media
THBT news outlets should not censor the appearance of all criminals
본선 3Round 즉흥토론 Round 3: Criminal Justice System
THW legalize recreational drugs in Korea
본선 4Round 즉흥토론 Round 4: Science and Technology
Assuming that the technology exists, THW choose to live forever at one's prime age

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  • 제9회 중학생 대회: 2018년 8월 7일(화), 8일(수)
구분 Round 주제유형 주제범위
(General / EFL)
예선 1Round 즉흥토론 [Society]
1. Assuming technology exists that can identify the most optimal profession for individuals in the society, THBT governments should use this technology and designate career paths for their citizens instead of letting them choose

2. THW allow citizens to opt-out of welfare services, in return for an equivalent sum of cash

3. THR the prevalence of happy endings in children stories
예선 2Round 즉흥토론 [Politics]
1. In post-colonial societies, THR the portrayal of imperial powers as absolutely evil

2. THW make the weight of votes proportionate to a person’s expected remaining lifespan

3. TH regrets politicians resigning for incidents that they did not have direct responsibility over
예선 3Round 준비토론 [Public Policy]
THBT the introduction of the Social Credit System in China is justified
예선 4Round 즉흥토론 [Education]
1. In developing nations, THBT it is justified for parents not to send their children to schools

2. THW transfer public school teachers with best performance to underperforming schools

3. THR the dominant narrative that anyone can succeed through hard work regardless of their background
예선 5Round 즉흥토론 [Media]
1. THBT Marvel comics should re-boot Captain America as homosexual

2. You are a director who plans to create a biographic film about Hitler that portrays his youth in a sentimental and humanized way. There are massive outbursts of protests. TH, as the director, would make the film

3. THBT one-person media platforms have done more harm than good
(General / EFL)
EFL 16강 즉흥토론 [Ethics]
1. You are a freedom fighter under a cruel authoritarian regime. You are at a public ceremony where the dictator of your nation made a very rare public appearance. You have a bomb with a high likelihood of killing the dictator, but also of causing immense civilian casualties at the event. THW throw the bomb. 

2. THW criminalize individuals who fail to render reasonable assistance to those in emergency situations

3. THW allow children who have reached the age of majority to sue their parents for religious indoctrination
General 16강 즉흥토론 [Law & Order]
1. THW allow political crimes to be pardoned by national referendum 

2. THW abolish juvenile law for henious crimes

3. In cases of divorce, THW allow children to choose the custodial parent regardless of their age
General / EFL 8강 즉흥토론 [IR]
1. TH supports the tightening of asylum laws in South Korea

2. TH welcomes the militarization of People's Republic of China

3. Assuming the feasibility of Complete, Verifiable, Irreversible Denuclearization (CVID) of North Korea, TH, as the U.S., would withdraw its military presence from South Korea
General /EFL 4강 즉흥토론 [Social Movements]
1. THW prohibit minority groups from being portrayed as antagonists in fictional media

2. TH regrets the rise of the'Fat Pride Movement'

3. TH, as a feminist woman, would not make any cosmetic changes to her appearances, such as but not limited to make-up, shaving, and plastic surgery
EFL 결승 준비토론 [Science and Technology]
TH supports the creation of donor siblings
General 결승 준비토론 [Science and Technology]
THW ban research that seeks to attribute the causes of climate change to non-human sources

  • 제10회 고등학생 대회: 2018년 8월 10일(금), 11일(토)
구분 Round 주제유형 주제범위
(General / EFL)
예선 1Round 즉흥토론 [Media]
1. TH supports the art industry removing works of creators accused of sexual misconduct from the public domain 

2. THBT progressive public forums should actively recruit controversial and/or socially regressive speakers, even if they spark public outrage 

3. TH regrets the rise of 'citizen journalism' 
예선 2Round 즉흥토론 [Minorities]
1.THBT minority groups in democracies should form independent political parties instead of joining dominant political parties

2. THW pardon prosecuted child soldiers 

3. You are an African-American feminist actress. A famous director offers you a leading role in a movie with many scenes that explicity sexualize women. TH, as the actress, would take the role 
예선 3Round 준비토론 [Public Policy]
THBT the introduction of the Social Credit System in China is justified
예선 4Round 즉흥토론 [Law & Order]
1.THW ban solitary confinement as a punishment in prisons

2. THS the development and use of Lethal Autonomous Robots

3. In societies with heavy internal conflicts and political divide, THBT it is justified for the state to secretively create a common enemy to unite the country
예선 5Round 즉흥토론 [Economy]
1. In developing countries, THW implement strong worker protection laws, even at the expense of economic growth 

2. THBT a portion of the Board of Directors in corporations should be voted in by the employees

3. TH supports a world without any trade barriers (e.g. tariffs, quotas, subsidies)
(General / EFL)
General 16강 / EFL 6ROUND 즉흥토론 [Education]
1. THBT the state should porportionately subsidize (e.g. scholarship and funding) university courses according to the employability of their graduates

2. TH regrets the idolization of people considered to be "geniuses"

3. THW abolish the KSAT and implement a 100% Susi admission System
General 8강 / EFL Pre-Finals 즉흥토론 [History & Culture]
1. TH regrets the outrage against cultural appropriation

2. TH regrets the development of mass tourism at World Heritage Sites

3. THBT South Korea should teach students the full extent of South Korean troops' wrongdoings in Vietnam War 
General 4강 Finals 즉흥토론 [International Relations]
1. THBT Israel should exempt its citizens, who morally oppose the occupation of Palestine, from military duty 

2. TH regrets Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

3. TH supports Tibetan monks commiting self-immolation as a sign of protest against China
EFL 결승 준비토론 [Science and Technology]
THW abandon planet Earth and live in clean and sustainable Planet X
General 결승 준비토론 [Science and Technology]
THW ban research that seeks to attribute the causes of climate change to non-human sources

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구분 주제유형 주제
예선 1Round 즉흥토론 Round 1: Children’s Rights
· THBT child labor is justified
· THBT sparing the rod spoils the child
THB hagwons (private academies) are another form of child exploitation
예선 2Round 준비토론 Round 2:
THW go vegetarian
예선 3Round 즉흥토론 Round 3: Law and Order
· THW ban electronic devices while driving
· THW raise the legal drinking age
THW legalize the sale of marijuana
예선 4Round 준비토론 Round 4:
THBT unions do more harm than good
예선 5Round 즉흥토론 Round 5: Culinary Controversies
· THBT Japan has a right to fish whales
· THW legalize the sale of dog meat
THW breed exotic animals for consumption
본선 16강 즉흥토론 Octos: Terrorism
· THS the use of force against opposition movements
· THW ban broadcasting of recordings from terrorists
· THW torture terrorists
EFL 4강 EFL Semis: Sports
· THBT money is ruining sport
· THW allow performance enhancing drugs in sports
· THW equalize prize money for male and female athletes
본선 8강 준비토론 Quarters:
THS the use of opium licenses in Afghanistan
EFL 결승 EFL Finals:
THW sell organs for profit
본선 4강전 즉흥토론 Semis: International Relations
· TH prefers sanctions to war
· THW exploit Antarctica for natural resources
· THW grant immunity from prosecution to dictators who step down
본선 결승전 준비토론 Finals: THS an aid invasion
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